As YorGroup, we have achieved to make “Yorsan” a global brand from 1964 the year we started our business life to the present. Now we are walking confidently in our route in order to carry our 50 years experience we have with establishing Yorsan and gained trust to Yoryapı.

As YorGroup, we have always respected our works and we will continue to respect them. To develop products which meet our customers’ expectations is our business tradition. In every field we head towards, we adopt producing projects which do not let us down before our conscience and our customers as our principle. These traditional customs give our family the ability to brandization of the work we do.

We know that we have responsibilities towards environment and people. In years, our business experiences which have the ability to produce natural products to human health by using eco friendly Technologies, helps us fulfill our responsibilities in every area we have worked. With our experiences, we believe that we will be the leader establishment which sets the standers in every field we work.

We will carry our traditional point of view in our business by blending with the state of the art technology to all our projects without compromising our quality. We believe as our duty to serve our country and society with our employee who are open for improvement, young and educated. With this awareness we will continue to invest to the future.

Şerafettin YÖRÜK      
Chairman of the Executive Board

  •  Acıbadem Mah. Çeçen Sk.
    Akasya Acıbadem Kent Etabı A Blok
    Kat:9 No:12 Üsküdar / İstanbul

  •  +90 (216) 912 1 YOR (967)